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I. Paid deliveries

1. Making an order means that a client accepts the terms of purchase, in particular the price and the delivery date and that a client realises any additional costs which he shall bear to complete an order.

2. The Buyer can terminate a Contract within seven days from submitting an Order. In such case the Buyer shall pay the amount due on the account of this part of contact which has already been completed or on the account of a contract being under way at the moment of receipt by the Seller a written statement on contract termination. Furthermore, the Seller may require to repair the damage which occurred as a result of Contract termination by the Buyer.

3. The goods shall be purchased by the Buyer in accordance with current prices valid at the moment of making an order. The Buyer shall make the payment due in line with any additional payments in the form, amount and on the date specified in the invoice.

4. In case of deferred payment date the Seller may require the Buyer to secure and guarantee the payment, in particular in the form of:

5. Cash payment is always practised at the first three Buyer‘s purchases as well as in cases when the Buyer has some payments overdue and the Seller agrees to make a transaction.

6. The payment date is the moment when the whole amount due shall be at Seller‘s disposal, in particular when the whole amount due is transferred on Seller‘s bank account (the actual payment of due amount ).

7. If the Buyer delays with the payment for Product, the Seller may accrue interests in the statutory amount and may require that the Buyer should return the Product which has not been paid.

8. If the Buyer delays with the payment for Product sold under the Contract, other Buyer‘s payments due to the Seller (including payments due according to other contracts) shall become immediately mature. Furthermore, in such case the Seller may at his discretion:

9. Subject to effective legal regulations, the Seller shall bear no responsibility for damage made to the Buyer as a result of the fact that the Seller exercised any of his rights under §8 above.

II. Complaints and returns of new goods

1. If the Buyer obtains a written consent from the Seller he can return the goods which have been delivered by the Seller and which belong to him excluding situations covered by the Guarantee. The Seller may give such a consent if the goods have not been used and are packed in original package and the information about the return occurs within 3 working days from the delivery date.

2. If the Seller agrees on goods return, the Seller shall bear no costs on this account, in particular transport costs shall be on the Buyer‘s expense.

3. The Seller shall check and control the returned goods and he can decide if:

4. In case of paying back the goods value which is stipulated in § 3 item 1 above, the value to be paid back shall amount to the value of the purchased goods decreased of the costs related to check, improvement and administrative activities made by the Seller.

5. This provision is not applicable if the delivered goods are not in accordance with the Contact. In such case the rules of goods return shall be agreed individually between the Seller and the Buyer. In particular the Seller may:

6. Upon goods receipt the Buyer shall perform qualitative and quantitative control of the delivery Complaints due to defective goods whose damage result from transport and is visible while transferring the goods to the Buyer shall not be considered if such damage is not reported to a forwarder with a note made in a bill of lading. Complaints on account of defective product delivery whose damage result from transport or a delivery which is inconsistent with the contract shall be made within 3 working days from the confirmation date of goods receipt on a bill of lading.


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Trademarks on the website

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Accuracy of information on the website

The information published on the website may contain references or hyperlinks to, for example,

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Confidentiality of information on the website

Unless expressly stated otherwise, all information on the Magbus website (which applies non-exclusively to drawings, figures, designs, models, all other intellectual or industrial property rights, agreements, the Solaris organisation, vendors, customers, technical data, (downloadable) software, marketing or business information (henceforth: information)) shall be construed as confidential. The information shall only be used as intended.

Disclaimer of liability

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Data from users

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Changes to the website

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Privacy Policy

1. Solaris Bus & Coach S.A., being the owner of the Internet service at www.magbus.pl (henceforth: Magbus) gives particular consideration to protection of privacy of the Magbus owners and to the security of personal user data processing.

2. The personal data of the Magbus users contained in registration forms, as well as the personal data collected automatically, are processed in strict compliance with the Polish Act of 29 August 1997 on the protection of personal data (Polish Journal of Laws 2002 issue 101 item 926 as amended) and the Polish Act of 18 July 2002 on rendition of services by electronic measures (Polish Journal of Laws 2002 issue 144 item 1204). The users are entitled to view and amend their personal data on demand. Automatically collected data cannot be modified or removed.

3. The personal data of the Magbus users, contained in registration forms shall be processed by Solaris Bus&Coach S.A. only for the purpose of carrying out the services provided on Magbus and as indicated in the registration forms that apply to specific services of Magbus. The personal data administrator is Solaris Bus&Coach S.A.

4. Solaris Bus & Coach S.A. does not transmit or trade (by sale or lending) the personal data of the Magbus users to other persons - legal, natural, or institutional - without permission of the users involved. The personal data of the Magbus users processed by Solaris Bus&Coach S.A. may be disclosed to authorised official bodies on their request as required by their procedures, or to third-parties whenever permitted to do so by official rulings of official authorities.

5. Solaris Bus & Coach S.A. gathers automatically collected data which pertain to the IP addresses of Magbus visitors and the users who use the services rendered on the Magbus website. The information collected as above is used to administer the Magbus website, periodically analyse the visiting statistics, determine which Magbus subpages are most frequently visited, and to define the functionality of Magbus web pages. The IP related information of the Magbus users may be disclosed to authorised official bodies on their request as required by their procedures, or to third-parties whenever permitted to do so by official rulings of official authorities.

6. Solaris Bus & Coach S.A. uses so-called cookies, which are text-format files stored on the Magbus user's computer drive. The cookies functionality is not intended to gather any information about individual Magbus users. The cookies are used to store the user navigation settings and user logon status, aggregate statistical data on Magbus user traffic, optimise advertisement displays on the Magbus website, and improve the Magbus website functionality according to recognised Internet standards. The user may always delete cookies or change their settings in their web browser. Deletingcookies or modifying their settings in the web browser may cause difficulties in using the Magbus website.

7. The Magbus website contains links to external websites. Solaris Bus & Coach S.A. is not liable for the privacy policies of external websites.

8. Whenever this Privacy Policy is amended, a relevant update of the Terms and Conditions will be posted on the Magbus website.